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Why Heat'N Treat

Why Heat'N Treat? Because Bed Bugs Happen.

Bed Bugs Are #1

According to the National Pest Management Association, Bed Bugs - and bed bug treatments - were the most frequently searched pests of 2015 by home owners & business owners. The number of bed bug infestations almost seems like there's a bed bug epidemic going on and in some cases, that's exactly right. From homes to hotels and motels to movie theaters, bed bugs are everywhere. And the best solution to getting rid of them? High heat application, like the one we use ourselves here at Heat'N Treat. Want to know more? Read on.

"Bed Bugs Aren't Just For Bedrooms Anymore"

ABC's "Good Morning America" recently interviewed Mike Raupp, professor of entomology at The University of Maryland in College Park, MD. His insights into where bed bugs are showing up these days are disturbing to say the least. They've moved on way beyond the bedroom into just about every place imaginable, hotels & motels are just the beginning; they're even showing up in retail stores and more. His advice for protecting yourself while traveling included:

- Always keeping your clothes off the floor and in your suitcase
- Checking mattresses for tell tale dark spots
- Checking behind the headboard & around the bed frame with a flashlight
- Always washing your clothes immediately when you get home in your washer's hottest cycle. We'd like to add another, it's called Active Guard.

A Costly Pest

Here's an important note to every hotel, motel & accommodations business out there: Bed Bug infestations can cost you plenty if you do not dealt with. They'll cost you even more if you don't deal with them correctly. Read what PCT had to say:
"While bed bugs may not pose the health threat that cockroaches, stinging insects and rodents do to residents and patients, their mobility and the annoying bites they leave behind make them an unwanted pest in sensitive accounts.
Recently a jury awarded a North Carolina woman $100,000 in compensation for bed bug bites and the accompanying stress she experienced after staying in a bed bug infested room at a national hotel chain.  The woman awoke with welts on her arms and hands after spending one night in the hotel.
The jury found the hotel negligent for failing to check that the room was free of bed bugs before renting it to her.  The property had previously experienced and treated for bed bugs.
This case demonstrates the significant economic impact bed bugs can have on commercial facilities.  From costly litigation and brand damage to loss of revenue when apartments go unrented. Bed bugs are not only annoying but they are costly."
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