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Our Process

Our Two Phase Process Is A One-Two, Lights Out Punch For Bed Bugs. Guaranteed.

Detection: Man's Best Friend

Look, you probably already know if you have bed bugs. You've probably seen them: tiny, brown little flat things about the size of an apple seed. Then there are the bites - red, welt-like bumps anywhere & maybe everywhere on your body that make it virtually impossible to sleep or even sit comfortably because of all the itching & scratching. Yes, you probably have bed bugs. But we're going to be sure, so we use K-9 Detection to assess your situation. Simply put, using dogs to check for bed bugs gives us a 97% accuracy edge in knowing what we're dealing with. Turns out man's best friend is a bed bug's worst enemy.

Elimination: One Million BTUs Can't Be Wrong

Once we've determined you have a bed bug infestation, we get rid of them. Here's how. Using our own highly trained crew and specialized equipment, we go to work sealing & preparing your house, condo, office building (you name it) for a sustained and closely monitored application of heat, specifically 135-140 degrees. This is the level that we know from first hand experience is absolutely deadly to beg bugs in all stages of development and any level of infestation. Because our Heat'N Treat process is 100% chemical free, it's also worry free for you, your family, your co-workers & staff. Even closets full of clothes and cabinets full of food are safe to leave in place while we work - we even recommend it - so that we can be sure everything is bed bug free. 

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