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Got A Question? Just Ask!

People always ask us questions about the best ways and reasons to care for their car's finish and appearance- lots of questions- and we're always happy to help. We decided to post some of the more popular and unusual ones here in an effort to maybe answer questions you have but might not have gotten around to asking us yet. Still have questions? Get in touch with us.

Q. Can I take my hybrid through the car wash? (Real question.)
A. Yes.

Q. How often should I wash my car? Why?
A. There's no set time period but 2-4 times per month is best. Taking your car to the car wash this regularly does more than keep it clean, it keeps its value high. Some reasons for this include paint that is free from airborne contaminants; it lasts longer and keeps that new car shine. Undercarriages are kept clean from roadway debris and grime like sand, mud, oils and other chemicals that can damage important components under your car.

Q. Is the car wash safe for my wheels? (Mostly asked about cars with aluminum wheels.)
A. Absolutely. By design, the Rehoboth Car Wash is safe for all wheels types- aluminum, steel, composites and every other kind we've washed so far. And the same reasons it's safe for your wheels is also why it's safe for the rest of your car- only soft cloths, special soaps and clean, high-pressure water touch your car as it moves through the wash cycle.

Q. What's the best way to protect my car from rust?
A. The first, easiest and least expensive step is keeping it clean which is easily done with a regular car washing schedule.

Q. No matter how much I wash my car, my headlights look horrible, very dull and faded.
A. Sorry, but in some cases with the plastic lenses used on many of today's cars, no amount of washing can fix headlights that have begun to yellow, haze-over or crack. While regular car washes can help prevent this from occurring, they can't stop it once it begins to happen. Some options exist however, that can help restore the look and more importantly, the brightness of your headlights. One example is applying special "headlight restoration" products and techniques to your car's headlights. In some cases, you can try this on your own but it's also a service we have performed right here at The Rehoboth Car Wash many times, generally with good results.

Q. Is the car wash safe for the aftermarket parts I have on my car? How about convertibles.
A. In most cases, the answer is yes, it's safe for all these things but we always 'look your car over" just in case. We take the time to look for things that can present obvious problems like loose or improperly installed accessories, torn convertible tops or anything else that simply looks like it might present an unusual challenge. If we think we find any of this, we'll let you know.
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